New Trustees to help with our vision

Dr Richard Graham, Patron, welcomed the attendees and presided over the BDA Benevolent Fund’s 141st AGM, held virtually on 27th June.

The first co-chair’s report.

This was the first AGM in the Charity’s history where the report was delivered by two people sharing the Co-chair role.

Dr Molly Deykin and Dr Shafaq Hussain started the report by thanking the outgoing Chairman, Dr Ros Keeton for all her previous years’ hard work, congratulating her on receiving the BDA Fellowship medal.

Thanks and goodbye were also extended to Dr Bill Creedon, leaving his role as Trustee in the autumn of 2023, and Ms Julie Chisholm, who served as co-opted Trustee from January to May 2024.

Key activities

2023 was the year the Charity started to celebrate its 140th birthday. Activities included discussions on the future of dentistry, and a history of the Charity written in four parts by Dr Hellyer and Dr Ulahannan, published in the BDJ.

“We are so grateful to Dr Hellyer and Dr Ulahannan, for their comprehensive work and historical research. We encourage everyone who wants to find out more to read through the exciting four part series which spans the Charity’s inception right through to post war and modern day. Let us know what facts surprise you the most.”

Dr Shafaq Ali, Co-Chair

Following a tender exercise, the Charity appointed new auditors A C Mole LLP, charity sector specialists.


There were 177 applications for financial assistance. The most common reason for applying was hardship at university, as was the case in the previous year. Applications were received from refugees and asylum seeker dentists, after the remit was expanded to include this group at last year’s AGM in July 2023.

Help Spread the Word

Dr Shafaq Ali reported that at their most recent strategy day, the Trustees agreed on the vision statement of “No Dentist in Hardship.”

The Co-chairs joined together and asked everyone to help spread the word about the work of the Charity.

We’re here to help but can only do that if people know we exist.

We particularly need help to reach out to dental students and younger dentists and want everyone to help us ensure there is No Dentist in Hardship.”

The Co-chair report ended by thanking Dr Austin Banner, Vice-Chairman, and Dr Chris Hayward, Treasurer, for their many years of service to the Charity and dentistry profession, as they retired.

Improved financial position

Dr Chris Hayward presented his last Treasurer’s report, taking attendees through the 2023 Annual Report and Accounts for a complete view of the Charity’s activities and finances.

The main point of note was that income increased in value from the previous year thanks to favourable stock market. LDCs continued to be the strongest sources of voluntary income and Chris expressed his gratitude for their continued support.

Donations from BDA Branches and Sections increased slightly and showed some recovery after being affected by the pandemic years and the consequent reduction in face-to-face event activity.

Dr Hayward informed the members the auditors had highlighted a historic issue relating to how the profit and loss were accounted for between the endowment and the unrestricted reserves. This was noted in the Annual Report and Accounts and they would be working with the auditors to get approval from the Charity Commission and ensure the accounts were accurate for 2024.


The Charity voted electronically to elect Dr Jacqui Frederick, onto the board after her time as a Co-opted Trustee from December 2023. The members voted for three more Trustees out of a possible 5 up for election.

The candidates elected to the Board were:

  • Dr John Ulahannan
  • Ms Hira Chaudhry
  • Dr Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen

Dr Ros Keeton was nominated by the Board to be a Vice President, unanimously approved by the members.

Closing remarks

Dr Austin Banner thanked Laura Hannon, CEO, and Faye Serlin, Administrator, for the tremendous work they do for beneficiaries, the Trustee Board, and the Charity as a whole.

The date of the next AGM is Thursday 26th June 2025.

If you’d like to support us you can make a donation here

Dentists’ Provident donates £10,000

Once again we were grateful to receive financial support from Dentists’ Provident. Whilst the Charity is there to offer support in times of financial difficulty, having an income protection policy is just one of the ways that dentists can prepare for the future and think about their financial resilience.

“At Dentists’ Provident we are proud to support BDA Benevolent Fund’s ongoing commitment to the profession. The Charity provides invaluable support to dental students, professionals, and their families. Many rely on their emotional, practical, and financial support and their determined work has made a meaningful difference to the lives of those they have helped.”

Kirby Mardle, CFO, Dentists’ Provident

“Dentists’ Provident have been a regular supporter, donating £35,000 since 2020. We’re very grateful for their generous contributions. Demand for services continues and with 7% more applications in 2023 compared to 2022, this goes a long way to help us meet the needs of dental students, dentists and their families throughout the UK.

Laura Hannon, Chief Executive

Thank you once again to Dentists’ Provident for their generosity and if it has inspired you to donate, there are many ways you can do it as an individual or a company; from leaving a legacy to contributing directly via your bank account.

To see what a difference the donations make, read the new collection of personal stories from those we have helped.

Ross Brooke Dental donates £1,000

We’re delighted to receive a donation from Ross Brooke Dental following their campaign in the summer.

Ross Brooke Dental donated £1000 following an award they launched last year for newly qualified dentists. For every associate who became a client, they pledged a £200 donation mirroring the reduced £200 fee they charged (standard fee is £600 +VAT) which they rounded up.

We chose the BDA Benevolent Fund because of its inspiring role in supporting dental students, dentists, and their families through hard times and because it is celebrating its 140th anniversary. We are delighted to have supported the Charity as it marks its important anniversary as well as taking on four new clients who are now operating on a good financial footing.”

Linda and Nathan from Ross Brooke Dental

“Working in partnership with dental companies is a great way for us to not only further help dental students and dentists in hardship but it also allows us to spread the word through other networks we haven’t previously reached.

Laura Hannon, Chief Executive, BDA Benevolent Fund.

Thank you once again to Ross Brooke Dental for their generosity and if it has inspired you to donate, there are many ways you can do it as an individual or a company; from leaving a legacy to contributing directly via your bank account.

To see what a difference the donations make, read the new collection of personal stories from those we have helped.