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Members agree to extend Charity’s remit at its 140th AGM

Dr. John Milne, Patron of the BDA Benevolent Fund, gave a warm welcome to attendees and presided over the 140th AGM, on Tuesday 4th July 2023, which took place in person for the first time since the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Chairman’s Report

Dr Ros Keeton began proceedings and gave the final report of her Chairmanship, outlining both the past activities and future direction of the Charity – the theme at the AGM and 140th birthday celebrations.

Applications up 60%

Applications for financial assistance were up by 60% on the previous year (2021) and demand for the Charity’s services remained high, especially from the dental student demographic. This was in part, due to a second research exercise amongst dental students ascertaining what their wellbeing and financial issues were. The results of the second survey highlighted difficulties resulting from the pandemic had been replaced by worries about the cost-of-living crisis, with some students even cutting back on food and going to food banks.

Dental students need support

Dr. Ros Keeton expressed concern about the sobering results of the student survey and called on the profession to address issues raised and support future generations of dentists.

Handing over the baton

Dr. Ros Keeton concluded her report by focusing on the strong position the BDA Benevolent Fund is in to support dentists in the future. She thanked the team, led by newly promoted Chief Executive, Laura Hannon, for leading a charity with good governance, good technology, and corporate citizenship, that supporters and donors can have the utmost confidence in.

Stability in times of uncertainty

Dr. Chris Hayward then went on to present the Treasurer’s report, taking attendees through the 2022 Annual Report and Accounts for a complete view of the Charity’s activities and finances.

The main point of note was income remained stable and increases in expenditure supporting the growth of activities were made possible thanks to very generous donations from Local Dental Committees (up 54% on 2021), as well as ongoing support through BDA branches and sections, and individual givers.


The Charity embraced technology and voted electronically via ballot to re-elect three current Trustees for a second term to the Board of Trustees:

  • Dr Peter Crooks
  • Dr Molly Deykin
  • Dr Alex Gormley

Amendment to charitable objects

Members were then called on to vote on the resolution to amend the objects of the Charity with the main change to include supporting:

“someone who was entitled to work (through qualification, registration or equivalent) as a dentist in their home country and has asylum seeker or refugee status in the UK”

Laura Hannon gave a background introduction for the rationale before voting and the motion was passed unanimously.

New Co-Chair nominations

Dr. Ros Keeton was thanked for her many years of service on the Board of Trustees, by Vice-Chairman, Dr. Austin Banner who gave a speech and presented her with gifts. 

He also informed the attendees that the Board had nominated two current Trustees to take up the roles of Co-Chairs-Dr. Molly Deykin and Dr. Shafaq Hussein. They will be formally ratified at the next board meeting on 20th September.

Attendees were invited to a lunch, followed by a panel discussion on “The Future of Dentistry”.

The date of the next AGM is Friday 28th June 2024.

If you’d like to support us you can make a donation here

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Dr Austin Banner


  • Trustee since 2010
  • Dental speciality – Retired consultant Orthodontist
  • County – Southern Counties
  • I am a Past President of the BDA Southern Counties Branch with extensive experience in committee, management, teaching, and training.

Dr Peter Crooks


  • Trustee since 2020
  • Dental Speciality – General Dental Practitioner
  • County – Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • I am the representative of the Principal Executive Committee of the BDA on the BDA Benevolent Fund Board. I hope to continue and foster the close working relationship between the Charity and the BDA, of whose members are also members of the charity. I’m also a Director and Secretary of a charitable company – CHEERS Youth Centre

Dr Molly Deykin


  • Trustee since 2020
  • Dental speciality – General Dental Practitioner
  • County – London
  • I have been involved in student support groups and I was elected British Dental Student Association President. I worked with the Sands Cox Charity when I was the Dental School Society Vice-President. After graduating I was the Foundation Dentist Representative on the BDA Young Dentists Committee.

Dr Allan Franklin


  • Trustee since 2003
  • Dental speciality – General Dental Practitioner for 35 years
  • County – Oldham/ Rochdale
  • I am the Chairman of BDA Oldham & Rochdale Section (and previous Secretary). Chairman for the E.Lancs & E Cheshire Branch of BDA in charge of section regeneration. Previous Chairman of British Society for Dental Hypnosis (as it was then) and involved in Local Dental Committees.

Dr Alex Gormley


  • Trustee since 2020
  • Dental Speciality – Academic Clinical Fellow at the University of Bristol
  • County – Bristol
  • I have worked in primary dental care and a maxillofacial unit since graduation. I am continuing my dental core training alongside academic training at the University of Bristol. I also serve as the Early Career Representative as an invited board member at the FDS at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Dr Chris Hayward


  • Trustee since 2013
  • Dental speciality – Associate Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Lead Clinician Dental Emergency Department Newcastle Dental Hospital, Honorary  Clinical Lecturer Newcastle Dental School
  • County – Newcastle/ Northern Counties
  • I have been active in the BDA at Section, Branch, and National Levels. I was a member of the Rep Board/Body; a former member of the BDA PEC; a Director of International Affairs; and the previous BDA Board.

Dr Philip Henderson


  • Trustee since 2006
  • Dental Speciality-Principal Practice Owner and in General Dental Service for 37 years.
  • County – Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • I have been a Church Elder for 34 years with pastoral care responsibility Local Dental Adviser for Dental Protection including attending GDC Hearings and Probity work in NHS Current member “Probing Dental Stress” group in N.I.
  • Past: LDC Chair, N.I.DPC Chair, Northern Ireland Branch BDA President, Director of the BDA’s PEC for two terms

Dr Ros Keeton


  • Trustee since 2008
  • Dental Specialty – Leadership and management of Dental Services
  • County – Shropshire
  • I am an experienced NHS Chief Executive and health care leader who combines a dental background with substantial leadership experience. I am also a Chairman of a specialist hospice and EOL charity Compton Care. I am a passionate and committed advocate for dentists in distress.

Dr Stuart Robson


  • Trustee since 2006
  • Dental speciality – A General Dental Practitioner
  • County– North Yorkshire
  • Former President of BDA 1999- 2000, previous Vice-Chairman of BDA Council and also Dental Services Committee. On behalf of North Yorkshire LDC, was organiser and lead of the North Yorkshire PASS (Practitioner Advice and Support Scheme) preventing some dentist with problems having dire financial and professional difficulties.

Dr Bill Creedon


  • Trustee since 2014
  • Dental speciality – GDP
  • County – Hampshire
  • I have been in general practice for over 20 years as a practice owner in Southampton. The last four years I have been also working at Kings College, London. I am Chair of the BDA’s Wessex branch and Vice Chairman of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight LDC.